Student Affairs Department is directly responsible for management of students’ general welfare activity right through their time in the institutuion. All students are welcome to students affairs department which operates an open door policy making Musakasa TTI a home away from home. The department aims at ensuring that students have an enabling environment for academic excellence and forms a link between administration and the student fraternity.


We are conscious of student’s diverse backgrounds and individual differences. Students are urged to take advantage of available professional services in the department in order to minimize the various conflicts that may hinder their academic progress and career goals. The Department coordinates various welfare activities which include; effective student leadership, financial aid, management of clubs and societies, discipline, careers guidance placement, alcohol and drug abuse issues, disabilities etc.


Some of the sections are described below:

Guidance & Counselling

The guidance and counselling department in conjunction with relevant departments, professionals and sections coordinates and provides counselling to students both at individual and group level.

Games & Sports

Games and Sports department organizes various sporting activities which include indoor and outdoor games. Students are facilitated to take active parts in these activities for the purposes of recreation and physical wellbeing. Students are free to join the choir and other societies to nurture their talents. 

Spiritual Wellbeing

Students are encouraged to strengthen their spiritual wellbeing despite the religion they attend. Churches both catholic and protestant and mosques exist around the institution and in town. Discrimination of which ever kind is highly discouraged within the institution.  


Catering services are offered to students at subsidized cost on pay as you eat basis.


Accommodation is offered to students but on first come first served.