It is my pleasure to welcome you to MUSAKASA TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE an institution striving towards building a skilled professional learning community. Our trainers are a well-experienced group of educators with a resume of successful years of teaching and learning. They continually show commitment and care with regards to students’ skill development and learning. Our departments have integrated technology into the learning process and continually strive to equip our students with technology to meet their needs. 


Our education program is geared towards producing skilled all-rounded students who will contribute towards the countrys' developmental goals. Hence, students are encouraged to in technical skills development, soft skills, leadership, emotional intelligence etc.  The institution provides career exploration opportunities for all students as we work with other TVET institutions, businesses and industry to prepare our students to be industry and career ready.   A number of opportunities also exist for all students to participate including games, clubs/societies, student government and academic teams. A variety of sports including netball, basketball, cross-country, football, tennis and track are also part of the institution program.


Welcome to MUSAKASA! The home of skill development!