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The institute's principal and staff inspect some of the tree seedlings planted   at the institution.


The Musakasa Technical Training Institute community (both staff and students) engaged in a tree planting exercise within the institution grounds during the first term of the year in an effort to increase the institution vegetation cover and create a positive carbon footprint in the ecosystem. The institution would like to extend great appreciation to all that were involved and encourage them to be green ambassadors both within the institution and without.


Tree planting is a great investment opportunity which has remained appreciated in many parts of the country in an effort to conserve the natural resource wealth which is currently depreciating in Kenya with the current forest cover estimated at 6.99%. We should all appreciate that natural resources are finite resources which must be utilized sustainably for the benefit of the current and future generation. The effects of forest destruction and environmental degradation are all undeniable to us and the climate change all clear for us to see and experience. Hence, efforts aimed at maintaining the integrity of our environment through forest conservation and tree planting like what Musakasa is doing should be lauded.