Musakasa Receive Mechatronic Equipment from the Chinese Government

The principal of the institution together with the Chinese representatives during the handing over event.

Musakasa Technical Training Institute was privileged to receive modern mechatronic equipment from the Chinese government. In the handover ceremony, the Chinese representatives gave a commentary on the need to improve technical education training in the country by raising the standards of the institutes in terms of infrastructural development with these being one of the many initiative they are currently doing.

We hope the institution will further its initiatives’ in the engineering department and produce the best technical skillset in the region following the move. With the country’s current development needs, we are sure the students are on the right path towards contributing to the growth and industrialization of the country and hence will easily get into employment.

All the technical training institutions in the country are set to benefit from various state of the art equipment and student training to further skill training from the Chinese government. This follows an agreement between the Kenya and Chinese government and the need to fill the blue collar skills gap in the country as opposed to the white collar market. The project is being rolled out in phases with this being the second phase of the project aimed at driving the Vision 2030 goal of industrialization.